Ca’ Beguzzi

A small white memorial stone stands on a wooded slope.
Ca Beguzzi: Here the SS killed several civilians who had escaped the massacre of the previous days. © Udo Gümpel

4 October 1944 , Ca’ Beguzzi, district in the Marzabotto commune (Bologna, Emilia Romagna)

Following the massacres at Monte Sole at the end of Sept. 1944, some survivors fled to Ca’ Beguzzi. In early October an unidentified SS-unit arrived there and took some of the men for nearby forced labour, divided into two groups. After completion of the work, the men were shot; most were killed, a few could escape. When the escapees made it back to the place they were sheltering they learned that all their relatives had been killed.

Involved Unit





18 (number of women, children and elderly people killed in Ca’ Beguzzi itself)

Armed forces
The white memorial plaque is framed in grey concrete. Flowers stand at the foot of the plaque.
The memorial plaque for the victims of Ca' Beguzzi. © Udo Gümpel


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Authorship and translation

Author: Carlo Gentile

Translated from German by: Joel Golb

© Project ‘The Massacres in Occupied Italy (1943-1945): Integrating the Perpetrators’ Memories’


Text: CC BY NC SA 4.0